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Steps to a Career in the UK Health & Care Sector

If you wish to pursue a career within the UK health and care industry, follow these steps:

1. Contact Us

Candidates should first message UKISS through the Contact Us enquiry form on the UKISS website.

A) Your message should include the role you want to apply for. Please see our Career Pathways webpage

Candidates should be aware UKISS are currently prioritising on resourcing Care workers. This includes the following roles:

  • Care assistant

  • Care worker

  • Carer

  • Home care assistant

  • Home carer

  • Support worker (nursing home)


B) You should also include the country you are applying from and if you have a university degree.

Candidates do not need a medical-related degree to apply for some of the career pathways, such as Care Workers. If you do not have a degree, please let us know. We will still be able to provide support to enable you to pursue a career in health and social care within the UK.

2. Send your documents

Please wait for the UKISS team to get back in touch with you. After receiving a reply, you should send us your documents as shown on the document requirements webpage.

We are currently dealing with a large number of candidates at the moment, so please allow for two working days for an initial reply.

3. Initial application review

UKISS will review your documents once we have received them, and assess your overall application.

UKISS may ask for further information and provide guidance where necessary.

Depending on where you are applying from and your level/type of education, you may be required to undertake an English verification test to apply for some of the career pathways in the UK.

4. Contract

Our consultants will facilitate an online meeting or phone call with candidates to ensure we will cater for all of  our needs.

During this meeting/call, we will provide you with advice on your career pathway based on your education, skills and experience. Our career guidance services will enable you to progress optimally. 

At the end of the online meeting/phone call, UKISS will issue you with our contract which will list our services and promises to candidates.


Once the contract is signed by both the candidate and UKISS, we will formally progress with your application.

5. Course - Introduction to UK Health and Social Care

UKISS are fully committed to supporting candidates to achieve their utmost potential in their careers and personal lives. This is why we have partnered with Realise, an award winning training provider.

  • Through Realise, UKISS will provide all candidates with an introductory course in Adult Health and Social Care.

  • Candidates will receive a TQUK Level 1 Award in Preparation for Work in Adult Social Care (RQF) which is regulated by Ofqual.

  • The training is delivered online, through 5 sessions, to help candidates study flexibly. Each session is 2 hours long and is facilitated via zoom.

This course will assist candidates with learning the foundations of the UK’s healthcare industry. It will also allow you to learn healthcare terminology, protocols and processes that are specific to the UK, and therefore enable you to quickly adjust to your new career in the UK from the very start.

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6. Psychometric & Personality Test

UKISS are committed to resourcing the ‘prime’ candidate for the multiple health and care organisations that we work with. In our endeavour to ensure your employers that you are suitable for your role, we have partnered with Inpsyght to provide candidates with two psychometric tests.


  • These tests measure personality traits that are necessary and vital to a career in health and care.

  • Test 1 will measure the candidate’s customer-service orientation and performance. This allows UKISS to identify those with the highest calibre of customer service capability.

  • Test 2 measures the candidate’s integrity, and levels of reliability and dependability.


Candidates should complete both psychometric tests.

7. Formal Interview

As part of our vetting and verification process, UKISS will conduct a formal interview with all candidates to further assess your skills, experience and motivation.

These interviews will be online and recorded so that they can be sent to your potential employer.

8. Sponsorship Letter

UKISS will deliver your documents and interview recording to your potential employer for their internal assessment.

Once the employer has decided to employ you, they will issue a sponsorship letter.

9. Deadline for all outstanding documents

Upon issue of the candidate’s sponsorship letter, candidates should send UKISS any outstanding documents that are needed for their visa application.

These documents will typically include your TB test result and Criminal Record Certificate if not already completed.

10. Visa Application

Once the sponsorship letter is issued and the candidate has sent UKISS all outstanding documentation, our designated immigration consultants will undertake and submit the candidate’s visa application on their behalf.

11. Travel Preparations

Following the approval of the candidate’s visa, UKISS will support the candidate in any preparations for travel to the UK. This includes filling out any necessary travel documents.

Depending on where the candidate is travelling from, they may be required to provide a COVID vaccination certificate and/or COVID Negative test result (PCR).

12. Meet & Greet

UKISS endeavours to send our representatives to meet and greet all our candidates upon their arrival to the UK.

Upon the candidate’s arrival, UKISS will provide you with a welcome pack.

We will also assist with arranging travel to your accommodation.

All stages that follow the candidate’s arrival to the UK will be conveyed during our interview with you.

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