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Want to work in the UK healthcare sector with UKISS Consultancy?

For those that wish to secure employment within healthcare with UKISS Consultancy​, please see below for more information on the process

Nurse Form


Please contact UKISS Consultancy to register your interest in seeking employment within the healthcare sector.

You can email


You can submit a message to us via our CONTACT US box at the bottom of this webpage


Before our admin team at UKISS Consultancy contact you back after submitting your interest in a role, we would recommend that Candidates begin preparing their documents.


This is to increase the efficiency of your enrolling process, which would therefore allow Candidates to secure a role faster.

When UKISS Consultancy's admin team contact you back, we will issue the Candidates with forms and generally ask for scans of documents to be sent to us. 

Information and Documents that would be generally be required - include the following:

  • Name and Address

  • Email address.

  • National Insurance Number

  • Passport Number

  • CV – which details your education and work experience.

  • Details of Reference and Reference Contact Details

  • Passport - Scan

  • BRP - Scan

  • Proof of Address - Scan

  • Second Proof of Address

  • Proof of National Insurance Number - Scan

  • Proof of first vaccination - Scan

  • Proof of second vaccination - Scan

  • Proof of Enhanced DBS - Scan

  • Photograph of yourself (for ID) - Scan

  • Education and Training Certificates - Scan


Once we have received all the relevant information and documents, UKISS Consultancy will arrange for an online interview with you. 

This step in our process is to allow our resourcing consultants to get to know you more, understand your motivations, and to discuss what roles your healthcare role(s) further. 

By interviewing candidates, it ensures that UKISS Consultancy are able to deliver a service that satisfies not only you the Candidate, but also those who will be receiving care through the services we offer our clients. 

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