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UKISS have partnered with Realise, who are an established training provider that will help candidates unlock their true potential. Realise have worked with many renowned organisations such as the Ministry of Defence, BT and Warrington and Halton Hospitals (NHS Foundation Trust). Notably, Realise were recently awarded as England's number one training provider for health and social care.


Through this partnership, UKISS can ensure a softer landing for candidates and a faster adjustment to their work environment. It will also enable candidates to begin providing UK standards of healthcare from their commencement in their respective roles. Moreover, Realise will be used to provide further adult education for candidates to prevent stagnation and to facilitate progression in their respective careers within the organisation. This will benefit healthcare organisations as additional training and career progression will lead to higher productivity levels and higher staff satisfaction.



UKISS have partnered with Inpsyght to further improve our capabilities and thus ensure we only resource the best candidates for our healthcare clients. Inpsyght is the UK based distributor of Assessio's psychometric assessments. Working with Inpsyght will allow UKISS to adopt a further rigorous and efficient selection process.


As part of our selection process, two psychometric tests will be undertaken by all candidates. These tests enable UKISS to measure various attributes within the candidates that are vital to the healthcare industry.

  1. Our first test will assess the candidate's customer focus, and customer-service orientation and performance. This allows UKISS to identify those with the highest calibre of customer service capability.

  2. The second test measures integrity and counter-productive work behaviour that are contrary to a healthcare organisation's interests. The test results will enable UKISS to select those with high levels of reliability and dependability, and individuals that are able to adapt well to the organisation's rules and regulation, values and objectives.


Inpsyght will provide the tools and platform to enable UKISS to evaluate how well a candidate matches the organisational culture. By aligning the cultures of the candidate to that of the healthcare organisation, UKISS can provide assurance of higher staff satisfaction and fulfilment, and lower employee turnover.

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