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What documents will I need?

In order for UKISS to commence your application for your chosen career pathway, please send us the following documents.


If you have any questions regarding the requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us

1. CV

Your Curriculum Vitae(CV) / Resumé should include your contact details, including your email address.

It must also include all of your work experience and education.

2. Passport

A scanned copy of your passport should be sent to UKISS to verify your identity.

3. Education Certificates

A) If you have attended University, please send us scanned copies of your degree certificate and transcript.


B) Please send us certificates of any training or courses you have attended or studied, this includes first aid training and online courses.

4. Work References and Contact Details

If you have not already included your work references in your CV, please send us this information.


This should include contact details of those we can communicate with to verify your work references. Your work reference should ideally be someone in a management position.

5. Proof of your knowledge of English

If you have completed a university degree that was taught in English, we are able to verify your knowledge of English.


Please inform us, if you have not attended university and you have not completed a English Language Test (for example IELTS). UKISS will provide guidance on how you can verify your knowledge of English to satisfy the visa and job requirements.


For more information please click here

6. Criminal Record Certificate

A) If you are applying from outside the UK, candidates need to provide a criminal record certificate to satisfy the requirements for your visa. It is also needed because candidates will be working in direct and unsupervised contact with vulnerable people.


The certificate is needed before your visa application is submitted, so candidates do not immediately need to send it to UKISS. However, as the application process for criminal certificates may take relatively long, candidates are advised to start this process as soon as they can.


B) If you have lived in more than one country, you might need to provide a certificate from each country you’ve lived in, depending on your age and how long you stayed in each country.

If you’re under 28, you’ll need a certificate from any country you’ve stayed in for a total of 12 months or more since you turned 18.

If you’re 28 or over, you’ll need a certificate from any country you’ve stayed in over the last 10 years.


Click here for further information.

7. Medical Certificates


Candidates need to provide a TB test certificate if they are travelling from a listed country.


Click here to find out if you are from a listed country. If you are, please select your country on the list to find out which clinics are approved by the Home Office.

Candidates are not required to immediately send their TB test documents to UKISS as these are needed before your visa application.



Depending on where you are travelling from, candidates may be asked to provide evidence of their COVID vaccination status and/or a negative PCR result (usually 48 to 72 hours before travelling).


Candidates are not required to immediately send their TB test certificate to UKISS as these are needed before you travel to the UK. UKISS will advise you on whether you need these documents closer to the time in case travel regulations change.

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