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The Team

Who We Are

Merra Tabay

Managing Director

Merra's voluminous experience in healthcare has proven pivotal to the formulation, growth and direction of UKISS Consultancy. Merra has operated as an intensive care staff nurse over the last 20 years in three different countries, including the UK (within both the NHS and Private Hospitals in London). She is highly knowledgeable of the policies, codes of conduct, and guidelines that are relevant to the healthcare industry.

Importantly, Merra has developed a detailed understanding of healthcare standards in various healthcare facilities across multiple fields of care provision (including cardiac, neuro, liver failure, respiratory and oncology patients). This has successfully enabled her to comprehend the inner-workings of healthcare organisations, and therefore a deeper understanding of their resourcing needs and what is expected from healthcare staff. UKISS also benefits further from Merra's insight, as she has worked in international student recruitment for health and social care, staffing the UK's healthcare sectors.

Daniel Érasme-Anandie

Business Operations Director

Daniel has worked as a project management consultant for three years where he specialised in managing large-scale public funded projects (ranging from £10million to £80million in construction value) for noteworthy clients such as the British Council, BBC, and the London Boroughs of Ealing, Hounslow and Woolwich. Importantly, he has experience working for a Healthcare & Life Sciences consultancy where he managed the development of a Lab Research facility which aimed to investigate and combat global/viral diseases.

Daniel also worked as an HR Manager for a charity where he was responsible for the creation and implementation of the organisation's HR policies. Over his career, Daniel has bolstered a plethora of skills catered for the successful delivery of complex capital projects in which he now brings to the management of UKISS' business operations.

Anita Anandie

Resourcing Consultant & Immigration Caseworker

Anita brings to UKISS her abundance of experience in healthcare, having worked for the London Ambulance Service/NHS Ambulance Service for 24 years where she focused on inter-department resource management, planning, scheduling and coordination. Anita is a qualified and experienced psychotherapist (specialising in CBT, PCT and Gestalt therapy). Fundamental to UKISS' purpose, she has also gained experience as an Immigration Caseworker for eight years for a law firm.

Zülfü Yilmaz

IT Consultant

Following the completion of his BSc in Information Technology, Zulfu embarked on a career as a software developer for an executive agency of the UK government. Here, he gained experience on working on crucial projects such as developing new features for their web applications, and maintaining internal & external websites. With this experience, Zulfu has joined UKISS to create suitable IT features for our stakeholders.

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