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Healthcare Agency Services at UKISS Consultancy

A nurse taking card of old patient

Domiciliary Care Services by UKISS Consultancy

Embracing innovative approaches, we offer unparalleled services designed to empower older adults or individuals with disabilities to thrive within their community, fostering a living arrangement with compassionate individuals or families.


Our commitment to achieving optimal outcomes for clients is underscored by aligning care with family dynamics and lifestyle preferences. In times of stress and discouragement, we specialize in tailoring services to meet our clients' unique needs..... 


NHS Staffing Excellence at UKISS Consultancy

In our commitment to delivering top-tier NHS staffing solutions, UKISS Consultancy Ltd proudly boasts a team of support workers meticulously selected from the local community and diverse ethnic groups. This deliberate diversity is geared towards meeting the multifaceted needs of our valued service users.


Before becoming part of our dedicated team, every potential candidate must undergo a rigorous vetting process, including thorough DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) checks. We prioritise the safety and security of.......

Assisting the Elder
Assisting the Elder

Empowering Lives through Supported Living at UKISS Consultancy

At UKISS Consultancy Ltd, our unwavering focus and top priority revolve around ensuring ease and comfort for individuals under our care in Supported Living. Guided by a person-centred philosophy, we create an environment where your loved ones feel seamlessly at home.

Our dedicated caregiving and nurturing staff go above and beyond to eliminate any feelings of neglect or displacement.

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