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Empowering Lives through Supported Living at UKISS Consultancy Ltd

Patient and Nurse

At UKISS Consultancy Ltd, our unwavering focus and top priority revolve around ensuring ease and comfort for individuals under our care in Supported Living. Guided by a person-centred philosophy, we

create an environment where your loved ones feel seamlessly at home.


Our dedicated caregiving and nurturing staff go above and beyond to eliminate any feelings of neglect or displacement. What sets us apart is that we don't consider this just a job; instead, we embrace you as a cherished member of our extended family.

Our commitment to providing exceptional care is grounded in customisation. We understand that every individual is unique, and our programs are

tailor-made to meet specific needs and requirements.


From the outset, our nurturing staff is dedicated to offering the support you need in the manner that suits you best.


Rest assured, under our care, you will receive comprehensive support in various aspects of daily living:


  • Personal care


  • Healthy eating

  • Medication management

  • Home maintenance

  • Assistance with benefits

  • Engaging in community activities.

At UKISS Consultancy Ltd, we take pride in creating a supportive environment where your well-being is our paramount concern.


Join us, where personalized care meets a sense of belonging.

Your journey to empowered living starts here.

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