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Complaints Policy


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UKISS Consultancy LTD is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of service for our valued clients. We understand that concerns may arise, and we welcome the opportunity to address them in a transparent, fair, and detailed manner.


Our comprehensive complaints procedure is meticulously designed to ensure that your concerns are addressed promptly and effectively, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Complaints Procedure

Should you have a complaint, we encourage you to follow the detailed steps outlined below:

1. Initial Contact:

Initiate contact with our designated Complaints Officer, Joshua Anandie via phone at

+44(0)20 8637 5077. This initial step facilitates an informal discussion to explore potential resolutions and address immediate concerns.

In the event that your concerns persist, kindly contact Joshua Anandie our Manager, via email at Joshua Anandie will oversee the formal handling of your complaint and ensure a thorough investigation.

2. Acknowledgment:

Upon receipt of your complaint, we are committed to sending you a detailed acknowledgment letter within [2-5] days. This communication will include the name of the person responsible for managing your complaint and outline the steps to be taken.

3. Investigation:

Your complaint will be promptly recorded in our central register, signalling the beginning of our thorough investigation process.

We may initiate a response from the involved staff, setting a deadline of 5 days. We commit to thoroughly examining the information provided, aiming to resolve the matter within 4 days of receiving their reply.

4. Resolution Meeting:

Joshua Anandie will extend a formal invitation for you to attend a resolution meeting, which aims to discuss and resolve your complaint. This meeting will be scheduled within [5] days of concluding our initial investigation, providing a platform for open dialogue and mutual understanding.

5. Outcome Confirmation:

Within 2 days following the resolution meeting, Joshua Anandie will communicate in writing, confirming the discussions held and any solutions agreed upon during the meeting. This correspondence will provide a comprehensive overview of the resolution process.

6. Further Review:

Should you remain dissatisfied with the outcome; you are encouraged to submit a written request for a further review. Another Director of the company will diligently review the decision within 10 days, ensuring a fair and impartial assessment.

7. Final Decision:

Subsequent to the review, we are committed to informing you of the outcome within 5 days. This correspondence will offer a detailed explanation of our final position and the reasons underlying it, providing clarity and transparency.
External Recourse:

If, after exhausting our internal procedures, you remain dissatisfied, you retain the option to escalate the matter. You can contact the Employment Agencies Standards Inspectorate at the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy.

Policy Name: Complaints Policy
Date: 21st January 2021
Version: 1

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