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Welcome to
UKISS Consultancy Ltd


  • We are a specialist resourcing consultancy and employment agency that operates within the UK healthcare sector.

  • As an agency we cater to the staffing needs of healthcare providers

  • As a consultancy we provide support for both existing and aspiring healthcare professionals, whereby UKISS Consultancy will align you to your chosen profession and further secure progress within your respective careers.



Take a peek at our Company Highlights and Notices

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Job Roles at UKISS

UKISS are currently resourcing the following roles:


  • Senior Healthcare Assistant

  • Nurses

Want a job role in Healthcare?

Whether you:

  • already have a medical-related role and are searching for something new, 


  • are someone who is yet to embark on a career in the UK Healthcare Sector....

Please CONTACT US to register your interest and we'll take it from there

Looking for Agency Staff?

If you are a healthcare provider searching for high-performing Agency Staff that are trained to deliver nothing but excellence....

Look no further. 

Simply CONTACT US and our Directors will be in touch with you very shortly to discuss how UKISS can deliver to your staffing needs.

A Statistical Synopsis at UKISS
Past and Present

  • 200+ Patients Assisted

  • Supplied Staff to over 12 different healthcare facilities nationwide

  • 3+ Years in business

  • Each of our Managing Directors and Senior Consultants have over 20+ years experience in both public and private healthcare.

  • Our Operations Director has 4+ experience in corporate project management, with expertise in improving service delivery management for public sector clients (e.g. British Council, BBC, and Royal Borough of Greenwich).


I came to the UK in 2008 as a nursing grad. UKISS made the document processing and submission easy for me. I had a job and accommodation straight away.

Gloria Gallordo


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