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  • We are a consultancy for Health Care professionals who want to progress in their careers and lives.

  • UKISS Consultancy will align you to your chosen profession into your dream professional career for your progress.

  • We are here to unlock the future that is awaiting for you to step in.

  • We are based in London and we will help you apply for your UK registration, job application, working visa. Additionally, UKISS Consultancy will arrange for your relocation to the UK.

Caree Pathways

Career Pathways

Health and care professionals in the UK come from a very diverse range of backgrounds and from all over the world, and have a reputation for being welcoming and supportive of each other. If you are considering any of these careers within the UK, please contact us.

UKISS will also assist those with no healthcare background as we offer training on Health and Social Care.

Care workers

Care workers can work in care homes, in people's homes or in the community. A care worker helps vulnerable people live as comfortably as possible. Care workers have been added to the UK Shortage Occupation List in response to pandemic pressures.

Nursing Associates

This is a new role within Nursing. Nursing associates work with healthcare support workers and Registered Nurses to deliver care for patients and the public. It is also a stepping stone to becoming a registered nurse. Nursing associates work across all four fields of nursing: adult, children’s, mental health, and learning disability.

Radiographers and Radiologists

The NHS are experiencing drastic shortages in their radiographer and radiologist workforce. The UK Department of Health and Social Care confirmed that Community Diagnostic Centres alone require an extra 3500 radiographers and 2000 radiologists, leaving already-understaffed hospitals to lose key staff to work there. So now is a great time to consider moving to the UK.

Physical Therapists

Physiotherapists have been added to the UK Shortage Occupation List due to growing demands for post-COVID rehab needs, an aging population, and growing numbers of people with multiple long-term conditions and increased survival rates following stroke, trauma & cancer. There is also a shortage in Physiotherapy Support Workers who work in the monitoring, advising and supporting the rehabilitation of patients.

Other health and care professions

UKISS resource candidates for the following professions:

  • Medical technologist

  • Dental practitioner

  • Ophthalmologist

  • Paramedic

  • Psychologist

  • Social worker

  • Speech and language therapist

Nurses and Midwives

Nurses & Midwives are both in severe shortage in the UK, and are therefore offered great & endless opportunities in the UK. The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) is the regulator for nursing and midwifery professions in the UK, in which UKISS can aid in your application for membership.


I came to the UK in 2008 as a nursing grad. UKISS made the document processing and submission easy for me. I had a job and accommodation straight away.

Gloria Gallordo


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